theblackribbons (theblackribbons) wrote in phan_candy,

Welcome the N00b

Hello phan_candy!

My name, is Holly I am delighted to announce that over the summer I have become a phanatic. So enitrely proud of myself that I have found something to do with my time other that obsess over Harry Potter. Phantom is better, I find. ;D

This is my first entry and I'm going to make my grand appearance with my first Phanart ever! I'm quite proud of it although I'm not sure were my inspiration came from.

MY first post. Please don't throw rotten fruit at me?
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Awww so sweet! Welcome to the Phandom and welcome to this community!!
That's really cute!

Hey, welcome! That's adorable. :D
oh wow that's soo cuute! good job!!
Erik and the unusual girl of DOOM! >=D