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The Phantom Fan Art Community

Easy on the eyes, hard on the heart....

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Welcome to the Phantom Fan Art Community! A place to see and be seen. Join if you want to share your work, join in you want to see the work of others. Join if you want to do both!

We have a few easy rules:

1.No out right porn. We can get silly with the innuendo (come on, Erik’s Organ?) and I know it’s a very passionate story, but don’t get too naughty. This is pretty much an all ages group even if the subject matter is adult. A little kissin’ and flesh is fine, but don’t get graphic. Think and act maturely. That goes for artists and spectators a like. I like a naughty picture myself, but this ain’t the place for it.

2. You can post a link to the piece, or the page it’s on. Give a little background on the piece if you’d like. You can also post the picture directly via remote hosting. If you are remote hosting your picture, put it behind a Live Journal Cut to avoid the post bogging down everyone’s friends list. Don’t know how to Live Journal Cut? Check the F.A.Q (Help on LJ Specific Tags)

3. Art talk and questions are welcome and encouraged. Share ideas and techniques, discuss other artists, styles and influences. Post a tutorial. Ask for help. Post a picture and ask for critical review. Open discussion and free exchange of ideas rule don't they?

4. Things that are welcome: Paintings, sketches, original digital art (photo manipulations of your original photos, digital coloring, etc…) photography, animations, sculpture, crafts, clothing, etc…
Things that are unwelcome are over used computer manipulated pictures of existing photos. (ex: Michael Crawford on a movie poster, a collage of actor photos etc)

5. Pimpage. Have an art site? Know a great art site? Pimp it. Pimp it hard, but pimp it once. Review it. Tell us in depth why it’s good so we wanna go right now.

That’s it. Come and be part of what I hope will be a beautiful thing.